Current courses

Space Exploration

Introduction to Space
Space Exploration: What is it good for?
What was it like to work on the Space Shuttle?
Apollo 11 course to mark the 50th anniversary of the landing in 2019.
Space History (manned: USA, Russia, and China)
Space History (unmanned: Iran, Israel, England, India, USA, Russia, China, North Korea, ESA, Brazil, and other country?)
Every Soviet Union/Russia manned program.
Apollo-Soyuz Mission
Space Shuttle
Near future programs manned
New Space: Overview
Blue Origin
Spaceports of the world
Planetary probes
Rovers of the Solar System: Soviet Union, USA, and China
Landers on an alien planet: (Soviet Union, USA, ESA, and China)
So you want to be an astronaut?  Cosmonaut?  Taikonaut?  Commonalities
Astronaut, cosmonaut, and taikonaut biographies.  Broken down by nation and program series of courses.
So you want to work in a space program?
Launch vehicles of the world
Space Disasters: Case Analysis and Lessons Learned
Space Law and Regulations
Space and Politics: Keeping Space Exploration in the public and politician’s eye.
International Space Treaty
Remote Sensing: An overview

Aerospace Industry

Evolution of the Aerospace Industry
Introduction to the Aerospace Workplace for Aerospace Technicians
Applications in Space: Commercial, Defense, and Exploration
Aircraft and Spacecraft Development
Aviation/Aerospace Information Management
Aviation/Aerospace Operations Research
Earth Observation and Remote Sensing
Human Factors in Aviation/Aerospace
Life-Cycle Analysis Systems Programming
Space Habitation and Life Support Systems
Space Mission and Launch Operations Management
Advanced Aviation/Aerospace Planning
Aerospace Systems I & II

Aerospace Industry Technical

Aerospace Fluid Systems
Aerospace Structural I & II
Aerospace Tests and Measurements
Electronic Fabrication and Fib

Aerospace Technician Domains and Core Competencies

Project udemy courses

Future courses